A Very Special Summer

First Love, LGBT, Real Life, Transgender

The following is about someone I knew when I was much younger. She was instrumental in my own development as a person and her love will touch my life forever. At 12 I had no idea what “transgender” meant. I just knew there was something special between us. I decided to write this after hearing “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a song we both liked, playing at the gym where I workout. They say your first love is something you never get over.

The hot Michigan summer went by quickly and soon it was August and almost time to go back to school. Our friendship had grown over the last three months and other than a couple weeks when our families went on vacation there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t at least spend some time together. You live right down the street from me. Our families were friends and somehow we just started hanging out together.

We are very different in some ways. I am big for my age and excel at sports. Especially football. My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. At 12 I’m already over 6’ tall and most people think I’m a lot older. Very outgoing, I’m popular at school, especially with girls. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to blow off studying and do crazy stuff sometimes to get attention in class but never anything bad. My teachers tolerate my behavior because I’m almost a “straight A” student and easily the best athlete in the school. I also am very good with computers and technology, listen to heavy metal, play video games like Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D, and ride motorcycles.

You are a month younger than me, much smaller, and very cute, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles, and great legs. You also enjoy playing video games (especially “role playing games”), love pop and dance music, and shopping. Your idol is Madonna and it is obvious you spend a lot of time on your looks. Since it’s summer, you almost always wear very short shorts and bright colored shirts and shoes. Unlike me. I typically wear black sweats cut off at the knee, a black “Gold’s Gym” tank top and Nike Air Jordans. My favorite movie is “Terminator 2” which my dad took me to see for my 9th birthday against my mom’s objections. Last Christmas, my parents bought me a 310 lb. Olympic set and bench and I love working out.

Earlier this summer, not long after we met, I drove my uncle’s ’69 Chevelle over to your house and gave you a ride around our subdivision. It is a dark green “SS” 396 4 speed with a bench seat and you scooted over so you could be next to me. Our legs touched. You didn’t say anything but I could tell you noticed I had a hardon. You just looked up at me and smiled. You have a sweet personality and never act up. You told me once that you want to be a dancer on Broadway one day and while you don’t have a lot of friends at school, you are a member of a kids dance team and are very talented. When you’re not with me you are usually hanging out with them. My mom, dad, and I went to see you perform in July. You are awesome. Every bit as good or better than I am at sports. You love to watch re-runs of “Fame” and you are also very smart‒like the smartest kid in school. From the first time we met we seemed to hit it off. It’s obvious we really like each other and over the summer we have had some great times together.

Many of the other kids at school think you are gay and call you names. I really don’t give a fuck what they think and told them to leave you alone. They have but now they are probably saying shit about me behind my back. Whatever. I for sure don’t feel “gay.” Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it. I have played competitive sports now for several years and I am around guys in the locker room all the time. Never been attracted to any of them. I first kissed a girl when I was 8 and most definitely like girls. But I also like you. In that way. At least I think so. There is definitely something that I feel when I’m with you that I don’t feel for my other guy friends. The only way to describe it is that when I’m around you I feel the way I do around girls. I don’t really understand it and I’m not sure if you feel the same way about me. I wonder if you think I am sort of like your “boyfriend”?

I still remember the time your mom drove us to the Somerset Collection Mall in Troy. We spent an entire day together and it felt like a “date.” We went shopping and had lunch at a very nice restaurant. And then played video games at an arcade. You stayed very close to me and even held my hand at one point. We looked at clothes and you asked me things like “Would this look good on me?” I felt like you were sharing part of your world with me. It was totally different from when I hang out at the mall with my other guy friends.

A few times this summer we have gone for rides out in the country on my Yamaha dirt bike. I love it when you have your arms wrapped tight around me. And I know you like to “flirt” with me. Sometimes you act just like the girls in class do. A few weeks ago we “camped out” in your parent’s backyard and stayed up all night talking about stuff. I told you things I’ve never told anyone. I also remember when we went to King’s Island last week. That was awesome. I keep a picture of the two of us taken that day near my bed. I don’t know if I’ve ever liked spending time with anyone as much as I did with you that day. We shared an ice cream cone and I remember when we got down to the end I almost kissed you. Thinking about it now I wished I had. My feelings for you made me look up some stuff on the Internet (back in the mid-nineties we still had dial-up access and not much as we know it today) and I found something about “transgender teens.” Their stories made me think of you. I have wondered about it ever since but I’ve never asked you about it. I figure that you will tell me when you are ready whatever it is. One thing’s for sure, I really like you. A lot.

I’ve never told you about any of this and I’ve never even kissed you or made a move on you but I think about it all the time. Part of the reason why I haven’t yet is just my age and inexperience. Also I am afraid of losing you as a friend. I am glad you are part of my life and I hope you feel the same way about me. This weekend your mom and dad went to Mackinac Island and decided that it was OK for you to stay at our house. I’m really excited about getting to spend a few days with you, alone, just the two of us. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to tell you how I feel about you. I’m not afraid anymore.

Friday afternoon, after practice, I stopped by your house on my Yamaha to pick you up. I totally wasn’t ready for this! You were wearing very tight red satin running shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt just short enough to show off your tummy. You also have on knee-high tube socks that show off your legs. I can tell you have styled your hair and maybe it’s my imagination but it looks like you might be wearing a little mascara as well. And is that lip gloss? Your blue eyes look amazing and with your freckled nose you are totally irresistible. You climb on the back and we head over to my house. We spend most of the time watching TV, playing video games, and dancing. You are an amazing dancer and even with my athletic ability I find it hard to keep up with you. You show me a couple more dance moves and soon your body is pressed up against mine with me holding you around the waist. When the music stops, it’s almost like time is standing still. Our eyes meet and we share our first kiss. You just look at me and go “Wow.” Right then my mom walks in and says “Are you guys hungry? I made you some hamburgers and hot dogs.” We go into the dining room. I see the way you are looking at me and I also can feel your feet playing with me under the table. You are giggling and I’ve never seen anyone eat a hotdog that way before. I didn’t realize you could be so naughty. I like it. As soon as we finish, you “dare” me to try to catch you and take off running through the house. I chase after you and soon my mom is yelling at us to cut it out or go upstairs. Laughing we run upstairs to my bedroom and slam the door shut locking it.

MTV is on and we sit on the bed and watch videos by Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, and Nirvana. We talk about school, movies (we both like “Wayne’s World”) and music. You look around at some of my sports trophies and also my CD collection. You wonder why I like bands like Metallica and Slayer. “They’re so loud and angry. You should listen to Madonna. She’s like totally awesome!” Going through the rest of my collection you find “Vulgar Display of Power” by Pantera. One of the songs is called “Fucking Hostile.” You say “Omigod! Does your mom and dad know you listen to this?” I had snuck a Coors Light from the refrigerator in the basement. You try it but don’t like it. Looking at the picture of us from King’s Island you say “That’s so sweet Andy. I had a great time. Maybe we can do that again before we have to go back to school.” You ask me how football practice went earlier today. I tell you that I landed hard on my shoulder but was OK. “Poor baby…” you say and start to massage my shoulders and back. I have a hard on and am a little embarrassed but what you are doing feels great and everything seems so right.

I reach back to take your hand and turn around. We are face to face kneeling on the bed. I kiss you again but this time for much longer. You put your arms around my neck and kiss me back. Your mouth is slightly open and our tongues touch. Stopping for a moment you look up at me and say “I really like you Andy. Most of the kids at school call me a ‘sissy’ or a ‘fag’ or worse. I’ve always known that I was ‘different’ from other boys. You are the only guy I’ve ever felt I could be myself around.” Then you smile and add “Did you know everyone says I’m your ‘girlfriend’?” We kiss again very deeply. I grab your little ass and pull you tight against me. I can feel your small erection touching mine through our shorts. Our hands start to explore and just then my mom knocks at the door. “Hey! What are you guys doing? Why is this door locked? Are you smoking in there?”

Reluctantly we stop and get off the bed and open the door. The moment is ruined (Thanks, mom… Not!) But there will be other moments I’m sure. We go downstairs and watch a couple of movies. But mostly we talk. About you. About us. You tell me that you first realized you were not like other boys when you were about four or five. You just knew you were a girl in the wrong body. Your life has been a constant struggle but your family has been supportive. Especially your mom. And how you first noticed me after school at a game last Fall. I smiled at you as I came off the field after scoring a touchdown and removed my helmet. You thought I seemed really nice and had a “cute butt.” You think football is crazy and wonder why anyone would play it. But you understand that I am really good (already I have college scouts checking me out) and promise to come to some of my games this year.

You tell me again that I am the only guy who ever truly accepted you for who you are. I learn that it was the day I picked you up in the Chevelle when you first started to really like me. You said it made you feel like I wanted you because you were a “girl” and wanted to be alone with you. You said I wouldn’t have done that with any of my “guy” friends. “You all would have stood around and looked at the engine or something. Or talked about how fast it would go.” And you don’t think I would ever have let a “guy” sit close to me like that. You said I made you feel special and you also felt “safe” with me. The last couple of years in school you have been really afraid of the other kids. The verbal abuse and bullying has gotten to be too much and you now fear for your safety. Your parents are going to send you to a private school in Bloomfield Hills this fall. You tell me that you are also really worried about me because now everyone knows we have been together. You wonder if I could go to the same private school with you. I guess even your parents had talked to mine about it.

Then you tell me that you would like me to call you “Stephanie.” I had known you as “Stephen” until now. It’s late and eventually you fall asleep on the couch with your head on my shoulder. I haven’t been in love with anyone yet and I wonder if this is how it starts. Looking at you as you sleep, Stephanie, I realize that you really are my girlfriend. I kiss you gently then doze off shortly after. The TV is still on. Sometime during the night, my mom covers us up with a blanket and goes upstairs. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day because I’m spending it with you.

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My First TDOR

LGBT, Transgender

November 14, 2009.

Just got back home from our “Day of Remembrance” in Indianapolis. Was a very nice evening here (clear and in the 60’s).

The evening’s activities started with the play “Transactions.” Three actors shared their real-life experiences with transitioning (two M2F, one F2M) and the challenges of living day to day as a transgender individual. What made it more interesting than simply a monologue was that the three acted out each of the scenarios. Each actor played a variety of rolls and interacted quite well with the others. Although presenting a serious message, the play was relatively light hearted, fast moving, and entertaining. I found it very educational as well.

After a 15 minute intermission, the actors and director participated in a panel discussion with the audience. Again, most of the questions were “easy” and along the lines of “does anyone at work know,” “when will you perform this again,” etc. Many people in the audience shared their own stories–usually with humor. Only when someone asked about how real the threat of violence was did the discussion take a decidedly more serious tone. All of the cast members then related stories involving threats or acts of violence against them or someone they knew. Each one acknowledged that the threat of violence is a very real part of everyday life for transgender people. One of the cast members shared as how she is always afraid that someone might be following her after work and routinely checks her car to make sure “the tires are OK” and the “check engine light is off” so she will not have to stop in some unknown area on her way home. The way each of them talked about this you could tell that it was not just something they had “read about” happening to someone else–but had really experienced. All too often. It was pretty sobering. During my lifetime at least (since the early 80’s), our society has made progress in many areas. One group that still seems broadly discriminated against is the LGBT community. It is also a target of brutal violence. That really hit home for me tonight.

The final activity was a candlelight “vigil.” This consisted of each person placing several flowers, each with the name of a victim, on a board at the front of the church. While we did that, a multimedia presentation ran showing pictures of many of the victims since 1970. I thought of Angie Zapata. After placing my flowers I sat back down and watched the rest of the presentation–again I was stunned by the sheer number of victims as well as the level of brutality in most cases. The fact that some of the victims were “admirers” or had been involved in a relationship with a transwoman was not lost on me either. I remembered a close call Stephanie and I had when we were just 13 and I said a prayer for my friends who face this everyday. Eventually Angie’s face appeared on screen.

On a much happier note, I made several new friends. “Marg” (not her real name) must have felt sorry for the “big guy by himself” and came over to talk. I also got to meet the cast members. In the lobby there was information on “intraa” (Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance) and also catered food and drink–Agio’s from downtown Indy did a great job!

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Freshman English Class

Real Life, Stories, Transgender

My Freshman High-School English teacher was always very “dramatic.” She had studied Theatre in college and had acted on stage. We all used to giggle and snicker whenever she would read in class. I also thought she was pretty hot.

Anyway, to the point. She used to like for us to “act” out scenes in class. One time three of us were selected to write and perform an “evil villain ties the girl to the railroad tracks” scene in class. You can guess who was chosen to be the “bad guy” and while never shy in front of people–I was scared to death because I knew I’d get a hardon in front of the class.

I wore a black top hat and cape as well as a fake mustache for the occasion. I can’t remember precisely what immortal line I had but it went something like “You’ll never escape, my proud beauty…” Of course while “tying” the girl to the tracks (the teacher’s desk), for sure, I got a hardon in front of the class. Taking off my “top hat” I held it over my crotch. This only drew attention to it and served to make things worse. Soon everyone was laughing hysterically. Including me and the girl.

Finally the teacher said “thank you Andrew, that will be enough…” I took a bow and returned to my seat to great applause.

Seriously I wasn’t quite as embarrassed as it seems and of course most of my friends thought it was hilarious. For a brief moment I even thought about a career in acting (eat your heart out Tom Hanks).

Interestingly, our teacher never had anyone perform in front of the class again.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Stephanie found out about it through her friends. I’m sure they made it sound like there was something “going on” between me and the other girl. When I saw Stephanie in History class later that day, she totally ignored me and took her seat across the room. Deliberately avoiding eye contact with me, when we finally did look at each other her beautiful blue eyes were pure ice.

When the bell rang she was out of there. I finally caught up with her at her locker. “Well, I heard you and Rosalie had quite a time in Miss Williams class… It’s all over school… Oh I feel like such a fucking idiot!”

“Steph, it wasn’t what you think.”

Looking up at me Stephanie says “So what was it then Andy? From what I heard you really seemed to be into it.”

“Stephanie, Miss Williams wanted us to put on this stupid play, you know how she thinks she’s this great drama teacher it’s just that I got hard tying Rosalie up. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“You could have at least acted embarrassed about it or done something else. All my friends say you two were up there laughing about it. Sounds like you really liked it. I heard everyone else loved it. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get to my next class…”

A couple of days go by and Stephanie is still mad and avoiding me. Not even looking at me in History class, and not answering my calls or messages. (Note: Showing my age. Cellphones of the 90’s did not generally have the same “texting” capability we take for granted today). And thank God there were no cameras in phones back then or our little “skit” would have most certainly gone viral.

Suddenly one day I get an instant message on my computer “Hi, it’s Steph wanna talk?”

Since she lives right down the street from me I head over to her house. I’m thinking this is going to be the “breakup” talk. But when she answers the door she says “I talked to Rosalie. She heard about us and told me nothing was going on between you too. It just sort of happened she said. Everyone thought it was funny and thinks Miss Williams is the one who should be in trouble. I’m sorry Andy, I guess I just love you so much I totally overreacted. I’ve been thinking a lot about us. I know you’d never cheat on me.”

Then she kisses me for the longest time. “I love you Stephanie don’t ever forget that” I say as she hugs me.

“Why don’t you come in? My Mom made dinner. Maybe we could just hang out later?”

“That sounds good. I’d like that.”

After dinner we go down to her parent’s basement rec room and watch MTV. It seems like the worst is over. It’s just like old times.

Suddenly Stephanie asks “So why do you get turned on by tying up a girl anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve never been tied up but I’ve seen stuff on TV and sometimes it’s kinda exciting. I’ve always wondered about it. Have you ever wanted to tie me up Andy?”

I can’t lie. “Yeah. But I didn’t think you’d like it.”

“Well what would you do to me?”

“Let me see your wrists.” Taking my belt I bind your wrists together in front of you.

“I kind of like that, Andy. You are such a bad boy” you say giggling. “What if I raised my arms above my head? Like this?”

When you do that your t-shirt rides up exposing your tummy. You are also wearing very short pajama bottoms. Your legs look so sexy and I can see by the small bulge that you must like it too. Of course I’m fully hard now and it shows.

Noticing this Stephanie says laughing “So you DO like me like this way!”

Seeing your exposed tummy, I can’t resist lightly tickling you. “Ohmigod! Andy stop it!!!”

I do and you lie back against the couch with your legs apart. You don’t say anything, you just look at me and smile. It’s pretty clear from your erection that you are turned on by this. We kiss as I run my hand up your thigh and gently rub your cock through your shorts.

“That feels so good baby. I guess being tied up makes it more intense or something. Anyway, don’t stop.”

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1978 The Best Year Ever

18+, Explicit, Stories, Time Dimension, Transgender

(Note: While not necessarily intended to be “pornographic,” there is at least one very explicit consensual sexual encounter between the couple in the story–he is a professional football player and she is his girlfriend, personal manager, and fashion model putting herself through medical school. They are very much in love and absolutely crazy about each other. There are two less-explicit encounters that occur later in the story as part of their relationship. My “inspiration” for this story comes from a tire ad in one of my Dad’s old car magazines from 1978. I would not be born for several more years but the model in the ad is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women I have ever seen. I used to have the ad on the wall of my room as a kid. Seeing it years later on a “retro” ad website I got to thinking “What if she were trans and somehow I found myself back in 1978 in a relationship with her?” Sadly I don’t even know her name. I’ve named her “Jaime” in the story after the Van Halen song.

I have tagged this one “18+” and made sure WordPress knew there was at least one story like this on my blog. I hope you enjoy it. If this is not your “brand of vodka” please check out some of my other posts. Most of them are about real things that have happened to me and people I’ve actually known.)

“Last night must have been something else” I say to myself. I can’t remember anything. Hung over, it feels like I’m floating on a water bed. I take a good look around the room. Empty Jack Daniels bottles are scattered all over the place and there is a set of leather cuffs and chains in the corner. The bedroom furniture is made of very heavy dark wood, the carpet is a burnt orange shag, and on the night table next to me there is a lava lamp. On the other table there is one of those old princess phones complete with lighted dial. Everything is a mess. Whoever I spent the night with had to leave in a hurry.

The curtains are drawn but the bright light coming in around the edges hurts my eyes. It must be well after noon. God, my head is killing me. “Gotta get some coffee.” Opening the blinds I take a look outside. The apartment building appears to be a luxury hi-rise overlooking a major city. It’s hard to tell which city it is but it looks like Dallas, Texas. It seems different somehow. The last time I flew through DFW I think was in 2012.

Steadying myself, I venture out into the living room. The same shag carpeting covers the floor, and the furniture has the same “retro” look as the bedroom. In the corner is a large color TV with an antenna. I turn it on and the news is saying something about Jimmy Carter. I turn it off. Underneath the TV is a Sony Betamax video recorder. And an ancient Atari 2600. This all seems so strange. I wonder what’s going on?

Heading into the kitchen and dining room, I notice all of the appliances are a sunburst pattern and are also very expensive. In the late 80’s our family’s kitchen looked something like this until we bought a new house. At last I find what I’ve been looking for: a Mr. Coffee maker. It’s an old model but it looks new. Hope it works. The coolest thing in the apartment by far is a very high-end stereo system with a turntable. Looking through their collection I find some old “classic rock” albums in mint condition. Awesome! Whoever lives here has great taste in music. And they must be very well off. The apartment is bigger than most houses I’ve seen.

Still waiting on the coffee, I look around some more. I can’t help but notice a wooden sign in the entryway that says “Andy & Jamie 1977” on it. Andy? Underneath the names are two hearts with an arrow through them. As I pour my coffee I look at a Polaroid stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet. There is an incredibly beautiful girl and a very big guy standing next to a late 1970’s turbocharged black slant-nose Porsche.

She is wearing a tube top and what today we would call “mom jeans” with bell bottoms. Her long blonde hair is in a “Farrah” style. I wonder who she is? Looking closer I’m startled at how much the guy looks like me. Except he is younger and his hair is longer. For a second I think maybe it’s my mom and dad. They look very happy and playful and their body language indicates they are very much in love.

Continuing to explore the apartment, I find sitting on a desk in the den an official “Riddell” Dallas Cowboys helmet in my size, 7 3/4, complete with a modified “cage” facemask. Checking it out, I realize this is the real thing, not a replica. I used to wear this model through high-school and college until they came out with the “Revolution.” From the nicks and scratches, it looks like it has been used in quite a few games. As I check out the bedrooms, I notice closets full of young women’s clothing, fashion magazines, news clippings about the Cowboys, and modeling portfolios featuring the girl in the photo on the refrigerator. She is totally gorgeous.

Suddenly I hear a key in the lock and the front door opening. I head back to the living room. It’s the girl from the picture. She’s wearing a light blue top, heels, and what have got to be the tightest white shorts I’ve ever seen. Her legs are to die for. She smiles at me and says “Hi baby. I got the job!”

This must be Jamie. She’s certainly not surprised to find me in her apartment. Still not sure what’s going on, I say “That’s wonderful sweetie.”

“It’s for that tire company. They want me to do a series of ads that will run in all the major car magazines this summer. I’m so excited!”

Jamie comes over to me, puts her arms around my neck, kisses me and says “Andy, last night was amazing. You wore me out baby. Fuck, my ass is still sore. I’m just glad they didn’t ask me to sit down. By the way, do you know when you have to report to camp?”


A little annoyed she says “Training camp. It’s already June. By the way Andy, I wanted to ask you about something. I’m kind of worried about you. Two nights ago you were talking in your sleep. I heard you going on about things that happen in the future, like 30 or 40 years from now. Seriously, are you OK?”

“I’m not sure Jamie, when I woke up this morning I didn’t know where I was and had the worst headache.”

“Well that could be all the alcohol you had to drink last night. But really baby, I want you to see a doctor so we can rule out anything worse. In my neuroscience class last week, the professor told us that there’s stuff they are just now learning about concussions. It doesn’t take much to cause brain damage.”

Looking me in the eyes and smiling, she says “You know I’ve gotta take care of my guy.” Then she kisses me again. “We’ve got the rest of the day to do whatever, I’ll find out later when you have to report.”

We kiss like a couple who have been together for years. Not like two people who just met five minutes ago. It’s obvious she knows me. I mean she would have freaked out coming home and finding a strange almost 6’5″ guy in her apartment. And I feel like I know her as well, like we’ve been together for a long time. Maybe I did have too much to drink? I guess we’ll figure it out later… But right now she seems to have other ideas. She pulls her top over her head and tosses it aside. Her breasts are perfect. Kneeling in front of her, I bite each of her nipples teasing them with my tongue. Jamie grabs my head in her hands and says “God I don’t know how you do that baby. It feels amazing!”

Moving slowly down her body, I reach her midsection and can see her now very hard cock straining for release from her super tight shorts. She’s only about 5” but I have no idea how it can fit. The outline of her cock is so sexy. I gently stroke it through her shorts. She moans softly. Then I run my hands up her thighs to her ass. She giggles and says “Jesus baby.” Next, I unzip her shorts and her cock springs out. For the longest time I suck and tease her while she begs me to let her come.

Standing up, we continue to make out and Jamie says “You know what I like…” in a very sexy voice and practically rams her tongue down my throat. Then she wraps her arms around my neck again. I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom where I chain her face up spread eagled on the bed. Naked except for her white shorts, she looks so fucking sexy. I stroke her cock very slowly and gently give her balls a playful squeeze. I tighten her restraints. Every muscle in her body strains against her bonds. Then I go back to work on her cock. Bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then backing off over and over before she can cum. She notices that I’ve been masturbating and laughs “Andy, I can do a lot better than your hand…”

Kneeling and straddling her I let her suck me. She is an expert and just as merciless as I am. All I can do is groan and say “That feels so fucking good Jamie… just don’t stop.” She looks up at me and giggles. I know she’s thinking “You’ve got me tied to the bed but guess who is really in control?” It’s not long until I feel like I absolutely have to cum. She slows the pace way down which only adds to the tension. She teases me for what seems like an eternity. When I finally do come, I shoot my load all over her. She thinks this is funny and says “God I feel like such a fucking slut.”

Now it’s my turn. Licking her shaft and then taking her into my mouth, I suck her hard cock as her orgasm builds. As I feel her getting close I concentrate on the head of her cock. Especially around the glans. My tongue explores her pee hole. This drives her wild. She struggles and pleads and swears and moans. Her cock is dripping precum and I’m sure she’s about to pull the chains right out of the bed frame. I continue sucking her slowly and steadily. When she finally comes she shoots an even bigger load than I did. I swallow some of it but the rest gets all over me, the bed, everything. Then her body totally relaxes. She lies there with her eyes closed. Undoing her restraints, I lay next to her, gently holding her close to me. “That makes two sluts” I say. She giggles “that was fantastic baby” then kisses me. “I love you Jamie.” “I love you too Andy.”

Suddenly Jamie sits up in bed and says “Hey Andy, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you let me show you around Dallas? I’m pretty sure you don’t have to report until next week. It’ll give us a chance to spend some time together and maybe it will help you to remember everything? Later we can go through some scrapbooks and video of your playing career. Yesterday I talked to the Cowboys trainers and team doctors. They let me bring your helmet home and we set up an appointment to have a ‘CT’ scan run on you at the University of Texas. It’s a fairly new procedure but it might tell us if you’ve suffered any kind of severe head injuries. You told me once you were knocked out in high-school and your coaches put you right back in the game. God that was really stupid of them. You guys beat the shit out of each other. All those blows to the head add up.”

She continues “You know, it seems crazy but I actually sort of believe you when you said you lived in the 2000’s. That’s so far in the future I guess anything’s possible. I’m amazed at what you know about football. It’s like you’ve studied every play. You know all the other team’s offenses and defensive schemes. I don’t think anyone could make up the stuff you were going on about. I even thought I heard you say Dallas won several Super Bowls in the 90’s.” Laughing she adds “Well, at least we’ll know who to draft in about ten more years…” I tell her “Aikman, Irvin, and Smith.” Looking at me as if I’m a little nuts she says “If you say so baby.”

“Oh, by the way, besides being your girlfriend, I’m also your personal manager. You have an ‘agent’ but I take care of our financial affairs and your public appearances. The Cowboys’ organization and most everyone knows me that way. And as a fashion model. We are often seen out together on dates. There are plenty of rumors about us, including that we’re gay… Many people don’t really understand what transgender is. But most fans don’t pay attention to any of that. Everything is just rumors. Our life is very private. It’s just you and me. Since for now you seem to have forgotten who you are, I should warn you—when we go out later, we will be mobbed, and you will have to sign autographs. Don’t worry. You are really good with your fans. Maybe meeting some will help you to remember. And you don’t need to answer any questions about me being trans—or our personal life—it’s nobody’s business Andy.”

“Come here for a sec… look in the mirror. We make a great couple don’t we? And those arms… I feel so safe when you hold me Andy. In case you forgot, I’m a little older than you. I just turned 24. We celebrated my birthday with some of your teammates and their girlfriends. We spent that entire night making love and talking about how we have our whole life ahead of us. Maybe we can stop by Texas Stadium and the Cowboys training facility later. I think that would be good for you. So, are you ready?” After showering and changing, we take the elevator down to the parking garage and get in the Porsche. A few people recognize us. Jamie waves and smiles back, driving slowly, careful not to hit anybody. “I know how much you would like to drive baby but better let me this time. We can stop later and fool around some more if you want. I know a great place. And my butt feels a lot better” you laugh. The Porsche is a five-speed manual. I notice how masterfully Jaime handles the steep circular ramp leading out of the parking garage. “You’re really good with that” I say. “Thanks” she says smiling at me “I had a great teacher.”

It’s a beautiful afternoon and very hot. It is Texas after all. Jamie and I talk about everything including how we met, our first date, our apartment, my football career, and how she is putting herself through medical school by modeling. I can feel the love between us and it’s more than just the incredible sex. We genuinely like each other. According to Jamie, we’ve been together for almost two years. She must be right. I mean we sure act like a couple. If this weren’t real how could someone construct an entire city to make it look like it’s 1978? All the cars I see on the road are 60’s and 70’s vintage. And all those “55” MPH signs. Slowing down, she pulls over on the Interstate and shows me a large billboard celebrating Super Bowl XII. I’m kind of embarrassed because I most definitely recognize at least one of the players. For the first time, I begin to understand that Jamie has always been my girlfriend and playing football is what I do. She senses this and says, “Yeah, that’s you and you really are that good.”

We pull into the parking lot of a large mall. “Let me show you something else.” Looking over at me with a knowing smile you stop near the entrance. At first not much happens. People check out the Porsche and the blonde driver, then suddenly we are overrun by a mob of kids. They all want autographs. We get out to talk to them. They ask about the Super Bowl. A couple of older teens shake my hand, say “nice car,” and comment on how beautiful you are. You just smile and say “Thank you.” We’re there for over an hour. Jamie is laughing and you should see the look she gives me. Finally, it’s the last one. He wants a picture. I instinctively reach for my Galaxy S9 but his dad gets out an old camera that uses “magicubes.” Then they both shake my hand, say thanks and wish me good luck this season.

“Dinner’s on me tonight Andy. But first I wanna go somewhere very special with you.” We get back in the Porsche and Jamie heads way out of town to a farm. “This is where I grew up. My dad owns all of this. We used to go for long walks together in these woods when we started dating, just getting to know each other. On one of our first dates we made love under the stars, it was so wonderful. Can you remember any of it? I also told you that I used to play football in high school. And that my parents said they wanted a son but I told them I was ‘what they got’–eventually they came to love and accept their daughter. We’ve talked a lot about what it was like to grow up transgender. I’ve put up with so much shit, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the life I have with you baby. You have gotten me through some tough times.”

You lay back on the grass and look at up me. I say “God you’re so beautiful Jamie.” “I’m glad you at least remember this part Andy.” We kiss and it’s not long before we are both undressed. “I love you baby…” you say softly. I go down on you and suck you until you are very hard. Gradually we shift positions so you are underneath me and we fuck as the sun is setting. No rough stuff this time. I gently caress your breasts and run my hands up and down your legs and gently stroke your cock. We are both so turned on we come at the same time then lay there holding each other. No one else is around for miles. It could not be a more perfect evening.

After we get dressed, walking back to the car you ask me “Andy, what was that thing you started to get out of your pocket when you met that man and his son?” “Nothing, Jaime.” “Andy, don’t give me that. What was it?” “Just a phone. Here…” I turn it on. Good thing it powers up. “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it Andy. So you really did live in the future?” “Yes Jamie. You believed me too.” “Yeah of course I did. I love you. But what does this mean for us?”

“Either I’ve somehow lived two lives or else I’m dreaming. But what I think it means for us is that we were always meant to be together.” “Yeah” she says smiling. Then asks “So what’s it like?” “Not really that different. Just more technology mainly. We spend all our time on our phones and computers. In the time we’re in now, technology exists but we aren’t addicted to it… yet.” Then I tell her a little more about life in the 21st century: How everyone thought stuff would stop working on January 1, 2000, events like 9/11, self driving cars, gas prices, same sex marriage, the Internet, “social media,” drones, alternative and “nu-metal” music, HDTV, Amazon and Netflix and virtually unlimited entertainment, and that I was actually born in 1984.

“Yeah Andy, I don’t understand what happened either. But we have been living together for almost two years. And, at least in our present time, we were both born in 1954. We’ve had that apartment since 1977. You are the only person I’ve ever loved or been with. But I agree. I’d like to think that we were always destined to be together. So, tell me, how does this phone thing work anyway?”

I give Jamie a brief lecture about what “wireless” is and show her how to call someone. Of course there’s no “4G” network around that we can connect to but she knows a little about “radio” and “satellite” phones so she has a good idea. I have some pictures on it of me and some of my friends. “You look just a little bit older Andy but I still think you’re sexy as hell.”

“Smile!” Then I take a picture of the two of us. Jamie looks at it. “That’s a really good picture.”

“It’s called a ‘selfie’ Jamie.”

“A ‘selfie’? Really? That’s so funny!”

Then, turning serious she asks “Andy? I’m sorry but… is there… someone? Well, you know…”

“Yeah Jamie there is. You.”

“Awwww… you’re so sweet. But you know what I meant.”

“No. There’s no one else.”

“Do you want to go back?”

“Not without you Jamie. Besides it’s kind of nice to be 23 again. I don’t know if we could even if we wanted to. You might be stuck with me forever.”

Smiling you say “I’m glad to hear you say you want to be with me. Maybe there is some way we can live in both worlds? From what you’ve told me it sounds like there’s more acceptance of couples like us. I think I’d really like living in 2018 with you and being your wife. Wow. That’s something I can’t even imagine. And I still can’t believe you said the Baltimore Colts are in Indianapolis now. Are they any good?”

“They won a Super Bowl in 2007 but no they aren’t very good.”

“Well don’t worry about them, you are a Cowboy now baby! But first we’ve got to make sure you are cleared to play. You think you’re ready?”

“I was born ready” I say.

“Yep. That’s my guy. Andy, we were already a couple, but in some ways, it’s like we just met today. Crazy I know!”

Together we laugh about it. It’s nighttime now. Jamie takes me to one of Dallas’ best restaurants. Everybody seems to know who we are. We get a table in back. She politely makes sure no one bothers us while we’re eating. We talk about so many things during dinner it seems almost like our “first date” all over again. When we leave the restaurant, you toss me the keys. “It’s all yours big guy!” On the drive home Jamie leans over and kisses me then rests her head on my shoulder. I turn on the radio, Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” is playing. I think about all the women I’ve known and realize that I’ve never felt this way about anyone but Jamie. Arriving back at our apartment, it’s now very late and we are both tired. We crawl into bed and pull a sheet over us. Jamie puts her arm across me as we fall asleep…

I wake up very early the next morning. Today looks like another beautiful day in Texas. It’s June 1978. There is a gorgeous blonde in bed next to me still asleep. She is snoring. I think she’s so cute when she does that. Did I tell you she’s my longtime girlfriend Jamie? We met when I played for Michigan and almost ran her down along the sideline after an interception. She was with Texas A&M’s student cheering section. I apologized to her and with the TV cameras on us, asked her out. She of course said “yes.” On our first date, she told me a lot about herself, including that she was transgender. Even then, I knew a little something about what that meant. Anyway, we really hit it off and that night made love for the first time. That was almost two years ago. She’s also super smart. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Right now she’s putting herself through medical school by modeling. She’s definitely got the looks for it.

The year after we met I was drafted in the first round by the Cowboys. I’m one of their starting defensive tackles. Jamie takes care of all my personal appearances and basically looks after me. She also takes care of our finances. We rent an apartment that overlooks the city. Some people know Jamie is trans but we don’t make a big thing of it. We both have had to put up with bullshit occasionally but Jamie has had to live her entire 24 years with it. I can’t even imagine. I take care of her too. I am very aware that there are lots of assholes out there if they knew she was trans might try to hurt her. She has two close friends that were attacked and beaten. There’s a lot of hate out there towards gay and transgender people. They’d have to go through me first. That’s not easy. Ask some of the guys who have played against me. And I’m not willing to die for Michigan or the Cowboys. Wouldn’t you make the ultimate sacrifice for the person you love?

Waking up she yawns and says “Hi Andy. Did you sleep OK?” She kisses me and giggling asks “bet you can’t guess what I’m thinking right now baby?” Before I have a chance to answer, Jamie jumps on top of me and takes a wild ride “cowgirl” style. After we both come she lays on top of me and says “I love you so much Andy.”

She looks at the clock and says “Ohmigod! I lost track of the time! Better get up honey, we’ve got a big day ahead of us. You have to sign all those mini-footballs, then we have to be at Texas Stadium this afternoon for a team picture, then you are going with me to a photo shoot, then you have to go workout. And this place is a mess!”

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Devil’s Night

Detroit, Real Life, Stories

devils-night-shirt-19921-e1526269827646.jpgMany communities across the United States have their own way of celebrating the night before Halloween. Detroit Michigan is somewhat unique in the destructive “Devils Night.” Allegedly a tradition going back to the late 1800’s it perhaps reached it’s peak in 1984 when the Tigers won the World Series. I am far too young to remember any of that but have heard there were between 500-800 fires set.

By 1992 I was old enough to venture out with friends. We didn’t have anything bad in mind but I guess we thought it was cool or something. Somehow my Dad got wind of it and went out looking for us. He found us down the street, asked us “what do you dumbshits think you’re doing?” made us get in the car, and took us back home. It was a Friday, so we stayed up all night watching MTV, playing pool and video games, seeing how much we could lift (we had a weight set and bench), and looking at my friend’s older brothers Playboy and Penthouse magazines. My Dad also had a well-stocked bar for entertaining business clients that we dared not touch under penalty of death.

We lived in the suburbs so the worst that ever happened was our mailbox got blown up once and a rock was thrown through one of our windows scaring my Mom. My Dad and I went out looking for whoever did it but no luck. After I graduated from High-School we moved to Indiana which has been quite tame by comparison.

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