Devil’s Night

devils-night-shirt-19921-e1526269827646.jpgMany communities across the United States have their own way of celebrating the night before Halloween. Detroit Michigan is somewhat unique in the destructive “Devils Night.” Allegedly a tradition going back to the late 1800’s it perhaps reached it’s peak in 1984 when the Tigers won the World Series. I am far too young to remember any of that but have heard there were between 500-800 fires set.

By 1992 I was old enough to venture out with friends. We didn’t have anything bad in mind but I guess we thought it was cool or something. Somehow my Dad got wind of it and went out looking for us. He found us down the street, asked us “what do you dumbshits think you’re doing?” made us get in the car, and took us back home. It was a Friday, so we stayed up all night watching MTV, playing pool and video games, seeing how much we could lift (we had a weight set and bench), and looking at my friend’s older brothers Playboy and Penthouse magazines. My Dad also had a well-stocked bar for entertaining business clients that we dared not touch under penalty of death.

We lived in the suburbs so the worst that ever happened was our mailbox got blown up once and a rock was thrown through one of our windows scaring my Mom. My Dad and I went out looking for whoever did it but no luck. After I graduated from High-School we moved to Indiana which has been quite tame by comparison.

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