Freshman English Class

My Freshman High-School English teacher was always very “dramatic.” She had studied Theatre in college and had acted on stage. We all used to giggle and snicker whenever she would read in class. I also thought she was pretty hot.

Anyway, to the point. She used to like for us to “act” out scenes in class. One time three of us were selected to write and perform an “evil villain ties the girl to the railroad tracks” scene in class. You can guess who was chosen to be the “bad guy” and while never shy in front of people–I was scared to death because I knew I’d get a hardon in front of the class.

I wore a black top hat and cape as well as a fake mustache for the occasion. I can’t remember precisely what immortal line I had but it went something like “You’ll never escape, my proud beauty…” Of course while “tying” the girl to the tracks (the teacher’s desk), for sure, I got a hardon in front of the class. Taking off my “top hat” I held it over my crotch. This only drew attention to it and served to make things worse. Soon everyone was laughing hysterically. Including me and the girl.

Finally the teacher said “thank you Andrew, that will be enough…” I took a bow and returned to my seat to great applause.

Seriously I wasn’t quite as embarrassed as it seems and of course most of my friends thought it was hilarious. For a brief moment I even thought about a career in acting (eat your heart out Tom Hanks).

Interestingly, our teacher never had anyone perform in front of the class again.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Stephanie found out about it through her friends. I’m sure they made it sound like there was something “going on” between me and the other girl. When I saw Stephanie in History class later that day, she totally ignored me and took her seat across the room. Deliberately avoiding eye contact with me, when we finally did look at each other her beautiful blue eyes were pure ice.

When the bell rang she was out of there. I finally caught up with her at her locker. “Well, I heard you and Rosalie had quite a time in Miss Williams class… It’s all over school… Oh I feel like such a fucking idiot!”

“Steph, it wasn’t what you think.”

Looking up at me Stephanie says “So what was it then Andy? From what I heard you really seemed to be into it.”

“Stephanie, Miss Williams wanted us to put on this stupid play, you know how she thinks she’s this great drama teacher it’s just that I got hard tying Rosalie up. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“You could have at least acted embarrassed about it or done something else. All my friends say you two were up there laughing about it. Sounds like you really liked it. I heard everyone else loved it. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get to my next class…”

A couple of days go by and Stephanie is still mad and avoiding me. Not even looking at me in History class, and not answering my calls or messages. (Note: Showing my age. Cellphones of the 90’s did not generally have the same “texting” capability we take for granted today). And thank God there were no cameras in phones back then or our little “skit” would have most certainly gone viral.

Suddenly one day I get an instant message on my computer “Hi, it’s Steph wanna talk?”

Since she lives right down the street from me I head over to her house. I’m thinking this is going to be the “breakup” talk. But when she answers the door she says “I talked to Rosalie. She heard about us and told me nothing was going on between you too. It just sort of happened she said. Everyone thought it was funny and thinks Miss Williams is the one who should be in trouble. I’m sorry Andy, I guess I just love you so much I totally overreacted. I’ve been thinking a lot about us. I know you’d never cheat on me.”

Then she kisses me for the longest time. “I love you Stephanie don’t ever forget that” I say as she hugs me.

“Why don’t you come in? My Mom made dinner. Maybe we could just hang out later?”

“That sounds good. I’d like that.”

After dinner we go down to her parent’s basement rec room and watch MTV. It seems like the worst is over. It’s just like old times.

Suddenly Stephanie asks “So why do you get turned on by tying up a girl anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve never been tied up but I’ve seen stuff on TV and sometimes it’s kinda exciting. I’ve always wondered about it. Have you ever wanted to tie me up Andy?”

I can’t lie. “Yeah. But I didn’t think you’d like it.”

“Well what would you do to me?”

“Let me see your wrists.” Taking my belt I bind your wrists together in front of you.

“I kind of like that, Andy. You are such a bad boy” you say giggling. “What if I raised my arms above my head? Like this?”

When you do that your t-shirt rides up exposing your tummy. You are also wearing very short pajama bottoms. Your legs look so sexy and I can see by the small bulge that you must like it too. Of course I’m fully hard now and it shows.

Noticing this Stephanie says laughing “So you DO like me like this way!”

Seeing your exposed tummy, I can’t resist lightly tickling you. “Ohmigod! Andy stop it!!!”

I do and you lie back against the couch with your legs apart. You don’t say anything, you just look at me and smile. It’s pretty clear from your erection that you are turned on by this. We kiss as I run my hand up your thigh and gently rub your cock through your shorts.

“That feels so good baby. I guess being tied up makes it more intense or something. Anyway, don’t stop.”

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